Hub Assembly in Disc Brake Axles

Hub Assembly in Disc Brake Axles
exploded view of disc brake axle hub assembly

Hub Assembly in Disc Brake Axles. Different parts are assembled to a hub unit in a disc brake axle. Here is the list of parts regarding the exploded view of the hub assembly .

  1. wheel hub unit for disc brake axle
  2. brake disc/ rotor
  3. roller bearing, small
  4. roller bearing, big
  5. dust cover, for small roller bearing
  6. dust cover, for big roller bearing
  7. inner hub circlip
  8. outer hub circlip
  9. grease pecker
  10. oil seal
  11. dust cover for oil seal
  12. ABS ring/ Exciter ring
  13. wheel stud
  14. wheel nut
  15. washer
  16. axle nut
  17. locking ring with pin
  18. O-ring
  19. hub cap

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